Monday, October 11, 2010

Monster Island - Review

Title: Monster Island

Author: David Wellington

Series: Zombie Novels #1

Synopsis: “It’s one month after a global disaster. The most “developed” nations of the world have fallen to the shambling zombie masses. Only a few pockets of humanity survive…
“In New York City, the dead walk the streets, driven by an insatiable hunger for all things living. From the other side of the planet, a small but heavily armed group of schoolgirls-turned-soldiers comes in search of desperately needed medicine, with a former UN weapons inspector as their local guide. They think they are prepared for anything. On Monster Island they will find that there is something worse even than undeath.”

Review: I read this book in one sitting. It’s a good thing that today was Columbus Day and so I didn’t have to work or go to classes. Once I started reading Monster Island I couldn’t put it down. Wellington’s characters are realistic and I couldn’t help feeling compassion for them. Dekalb, who is searching the world for the AIDS drugs he needs to give to a female warlord in Somalia in exchange for his daughter’s safety; Jack, the unwilling leader of 200 survivors in NYC; Gary, the doctor who figured out how to keep his brain functioning when he turned himself undead and is now stuck as something worse than undead and Ayaan, the Somali schoolgirl-turned-soldier who longs to live but knows that she will die.
The description in this book, while not overly graphic, is chilling:
"We could make out most of Liberty Island now and the shadow of Ellis Island beyond. The girls were pointing with agitation at the walkway that ringed Liberty, at the people there. American clothes, American hair exposed to the elements. Tourists, perhaps. Perhaps not.”
…“On the island I saw hundreds of them, hundreds of people. They waved at us, their arms moving stiffly like something from a silent movie. They pushed toward the railing, to get closer to us. As the trawler rolled closer I could see them crawling over one another in their desperation to touch us, to swarm onboard.
“I thought maybe, just maybe they were alright, maybe they’d run to Liberty Island for refuge and been safer there and were just waiting for us, waiting for rescue but then I smelled them and I knew. I knew they weren’t alright at all. Give me your tired, your poor, your wretched refuse, my brain repeated over and over, a mantra” (pg 4&5).

This novel started out as an online serial and was quickly picked up by a publisher because of its popularity. I think it’s excellent, although I do need to warn readers that it has a cliff-hanger ending. I can’t wait to get the next one to see what’s going to happen!

Publisher: Running Press
ISBN: 978-1560258506

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