Editing & Marketing Services For Authors

BookGirlR is excited to begin offering editing services! BookGirlR holds a BA degree in English Literature, and is a lifelong reader and writer. She is now offering her services to authors of novels and short stories. Contact BookGirlR at Bookgirlr@gmail.com with questions or to order services.

Description and Pricing of the available services:

Manuscript Analysis & Evaluation: $0.008 per word, with a minimum of $75

Do you think your manuscript is ready for publication? Don't send your query, or publish, until you have had an unbiased third party examine your manuscript. With a Manuscript Analysis & Evaluation from BookGirlR you will get a written, in-depth analysis of your manuscript from a reader's point of view. Is the plot attention-grabbing? Is your point of view consistent? Does the setting seem accurate? Is your world building detailed enough? Are your characters believable? Do they speak in a realistic manner? Does the manuscript seem to need more editing? And if so why? What are the strengths of the manuscript? What are the weaknesses?

-The Manuscript Analysis & Evaluation is a thorough read through of the manuscript, and a 1-3 page analysis and evaluation. Please note that this is not editing and should come after you have finished your own editing and proofreading. Nothing in your manuscript will be changed. A manuscript evaluation is an honest opinion of your work, kind of like a review.

Proofreading/ Minor Line Edits/ Copy Editing: $0.02 per word, with a minimum of $100*

Every writer needs an editor. It's hard to edit your own work; you know what you are trying to say, and can sometimes gloss over missing words, inconsistencies or grammatical and spelling errors. This is mostly a technical editing process, BookGirlR will not rewrite passages or sentences except when fixing minor issues. Some things that BookGirlR will look for, or do, when editing your manuscript are:

- fix grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, typos, and run on sentences

- check for internal consistency (are Sarah's eyes hazel on page 2 but blue on page 78?)

- check for overused words or phrasing, clichés, and broad generalizations

- point out areas of confusing action, or areas of unclear meaning, and offer constructive suggestions for rewrites

-point out redundancies, narrative and dialogue that can be tightened up, and offer constructive suggestions for rewrites

-point out boring language, passages that fail to keep the readers' attention, telling instead of showing, and offer constructive suggestions for rewrites

Novel Synopsis: $50 w/ the purchase of Analysis & Evaluation or Proofreading/ Editing

-Are you having trouble writing that tricky 1-2 paragraph synopsis of your work? If BookGirlR has evaluated or edited your manuscript you can hire her to do it for you.

Marketing Package**: $50

- BookGirlR will do 1 post on her blog featuring your book. This post will include cover image, a brief synopsis, release date, links to your website or blog, and Amazon link

- 3 times per week for 2 weeks BookGirlR will tweet your cover image, release date and link to website, blog, or Amazon link (pick 1 link please)

-3 times per week for 2 weeks BookGirlR will post your cover image, release date and link to website, blog, or Amazon link (pick 1 link please), on her Facebook page and share with appropriate Facebook groups of which she is a member

Please Note:

- The marketing package can only be purchased once per novel or story

- BookGirlR only accepts a small number of Marketing customers during each 2 week period (to ensure everyone's novel or story gets good exposure and doesn't get lost under an influx of posts), so if you need a specific 2 week period please order your package in advance

- You are responsible for providing BookGirlR with all of the applicable links, and images in advance.

*Price based on original word count. If you send BookGirlR a 5,500 word story the price will be $110 regardless of how the word count changes during the editing process. The minimum price is $100, therefore if your story is 5000 words or less the price is $100.

**For a more individualized marketing package please contact BookGirlR at Bookgirlr@gmail.com.

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