Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Midnight Crossroad - Review

Title: Midnight Crossroad
Author: Charlaine Harris
Series: Midnight Texas #1

Synopsis: “Welcome to Midnight, Texas, a town with many boarded-up windows and few full-time inhabitants, located at the crossing of Witch Light Road and the Davy highway. It’s a pretty standard dried-up western town.
      “There’s a pawnshop (someone who lives in the basement is seen only at night). There’s a diner (people who are just passing through tend not to linger). And there’s new resident Manfred Bernardo, who thinks he’s found the perfect place to work in private (and who has secrets of his own).
    “Stop at the one traffic light in town, and everything looks normal. Stay awhile, and learn the truth…”

Review: Midnight Crossroad is my current favorite book. I finished it last night and I’m still thinking about Midnight, Texas. I loved everything about it! This is the first novel in a new series by Charlaine Harris. The plot starts out a bit slow, but her writing is so interesting that it doesn’t matter and it’s because she is introducing us to an amazing cast of characters. I loved learning about Midnight, Texas and its secretive inhabitants. My favorite character is Mr. Snuggly, all of my LOL moments involved the cat (and I did actually laugh out loud several times. SuperSteve thought I was going crazy). And I had no idea “who done it” until it was revealed, the whole ending was perfect! If you haven’t read it yet go and get it now! If you only buy one book this month make it Midnight Crossroad! I don't regret it and you won’t either!

Publisher: Ace

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Autumn Bones - Review

Title: Autumn Bones 
Author: Jacqueline Carey
Series: Agent of Hel #2

Synopsis: “Fathered by an incubus, raised by a mortal mother, and liaison to the Pemkowet Police Department, Daisy Johanssen pulled the community together after a summer tragedy befell the resort town she calls home. Things are back to normal—as normal as it gets for a town famous for its supernatural tourism, and presided over by the reclusive Norse goddess Hel.
      “Not only has Daisy now gained respect as Hel’s enforcer, she’s dating Sinclair Palmer, a nice, seemingly normal human guy. Not too shabby for the daughter of a demon. Unfortunately, Sinclair has a secret. And it’s a big one.
      “He’s descended from Obeah sorcerers and they want him back. If he doesn’t return to Jamaica to take up his rightful role in the family, they’ll unleash spirit magic that could have dire consequences for the town. It’s Daisy’s job to stop it, and she’s going to need a lot of help. But time is running out, the dead are growing restless, and one mistake could cost Daisy everything…..”

Review: I loved the first book in this series, Dark Currents (read my review here) and I think I loved this installment even more! It don't want to give anything important, but once you start reading Autumn Bones things start to happen, and when those things start to happen you will not want to stop reading until you are done. There are some new characters that are interesting, there are some new “romantic” developments that were really, very interesting. Daisy is still trying to keep the town’s harsher elements away from the view of the tourists. She’s struggling with certain elements of her job and her love life is about to take a completely unexpected turn. It’s hard to say too much about Autumn Bones without giving away any spoilers so I won’t say anything more. But, if you are a fan of paranormal fantasy you should check out this series!

  With the third installment, Poison Fruit, being released this October, now is the perfect time.

 Publisher: ROC

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Man with the Golden Torc - Review

Title:   The Man with the Golden Torc
Author:   Simon R. Green
Series:  Secret Histories #1

Synopsis:  “The name’s Bond.  Shaman Bond. 
     “Actually, that’s just my cover.  I’m Eddie Drood.  But when your job includes a license to kick supernatural arse on a regular basis, you find your laughs where you can.
     “For centuries, my family has been the secret guardian of humanity, all that stands between all of you and all of the really nasty things that go bump in the night.  As a Drood field agent I wore the golden torc, I killed monsters, and I protected the world.  I loved my job.
     “Right up to the point when my own family declared me rogue for no reason, and I was forced to go on the run.  Now the only people who can help me prove my innocence are the people who can help me prove my innocence are the people I used to consider my enemies.
     “I’m Shaman Bond, very secret agent.  And I’m going to prove to everyone that no one does it better than me.”

Review:  I’ve been very lucky with the books I’ve been choosing lately.  It has been awhile since I read a book I didn’t like.  (I originally made a typo and typed that as lick, a book I didn’t lick.  Well… If I like it well enough maybe…) I liked The Man with the Golden Torc.  I didn’t love it, but I liked it.  At first I had trouble getting into it.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it was the alignment of the moon?  The writing is good, the characters and story are entertaining, and yet I kept finding myself putting it down.  But I persevered because I was intrigued by the story and the plot, and I wanted to see how Green was going to pull Shaman Bond, uh… I mean Eddie Drood, out of his tight spot.  Once I reached the midpoint of the novel that was it.  There was no more putting it down.  I had to finish and find out what was going to happen as quickly as possible.  I wasn’t disappointed and you won’t be either.  I’ll be buying the next in the series soon.

Publisher:    Penguin/ Roc
ISBN:   978-0451462145

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Reading "deals"

How far would you go to get a loved one to read a book or series that you just know they will love?  Would you read a book or series of their choosing in exchange?

SuperSteve and I have just made such a deal. He is reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and I am reading The Dark Tower Book I. I just know he will love Harry Potter, but he has been resisting it so I offered to read his favorite book if he would read this. We have to both finish before the end of July.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What are you reading?

SuperSteve is watching baseball in the living room. *gag* So I'm sitting in my favorite chair in the kitchen (long story but yes we have living room furniture in part of our kitchen, like a sitting room) reading Autumn Bones by Jacqueline Carey. What are you reading tonight?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Deadly Curiosities - Review

Title Deadly Curiosities
Author:  Gail Z. Martin
Series:  Deadly Curiosities #1

Synopsis:  “Welcome to Trifles & Folly, a store with a dark secret.  Proprietor Cassidy Kincaide continues a family tradition begun in 1670 – acquiring and neutralizing dangerous supernatural items.  It’s the perfect job for Cassidy, whose psychic gift lets her touch an object and know its history.  Together with her business partner Sorren, a 500-year-old vampire and former jewel thief, Cassidy makes it her business to get infernal objects off the market.
     “When a trip to a haunted hotel unearths a statue steeped in malevolent power, and a string of murders draws a trail to the abandoned old Navy yard, Cassidy and Sorren discover a diabolical plot to unleash a supernatural onslaught on their city.
     “It’s time for Kincaide and her team to get rid of these Deadly Curiosities before the bodies start piling up”

Review:  I had no idea this book was coming out.  I don’t know if I just haven’t been paying a lot of attention to new releases because money and time are getting a little tight (I’m getting married in 2 months to SuperSteve).  So a couple of weeks ago I gave myself a small shopping trip, because nothing calms my nerves like a trip to the bookstore.  I snatched Deadly Curiosities off of the shelf before my brain had fully processed what it was.  It had Gail Z. Martin’s name on it.  That’s all that mattered.  I love her Chronicles of the Necromancer Series and have read them multiple times.  It didn’t matter what this book was about.  It had to be mine.  Then I got home and set it on the table.  I looked at it. I was delighted to discover that it was an urban fantasy.  I didn’t start reading it right away because I knew that once I started that would be it, within a few days I would be finished reading it and I wouldn’t have a new Gail Z. Martin book to look forward to for awhile. 
     I’ve finished it now.  I’m very sad.  Even though I have many more perfectly good books waiting to be read, this one is done.  I will never get to read it for the first time again, and that first time was amazing.  Deadly Curiosities was awesome!  I loved everything about it.  The characters are wonderful, and I wish Teag was my gay best friend.  Sorren is mysterious and sexy, and Cassidy is the perfect combination of kick ass and smart.  The plot kept me on the edge of my seat right from the very beginning, and Gail Z. Martin’s storytelling abilities are always superb.  Go get this book now.  Oh, and Gail Z. Martin hurry up with the next one would you?  Thanks.

Publisher:   Solaris
ISBN:  978-1781082331

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