Friday, October 1, 2010

Late Night

I can't wait to have my sims start a band. The latest news from the folks at Sims 3 tells us how, in Late Night our sims can start up a band with their friends. Check it out here


  1. Ah, there's a part of me that wants to play Sims 3. Except that I'm totally banned from the Sims - I was pretty much addicted to Sims 2 and it really interfered with my real life/school for a time. I had to quit cold turkey to become a "real" person again.

    But when I read about posts on what's new with Sims 3, I kinda get the urge to try it out. But I won't, so I'll just enjoy 3rd hand ;)

  2. Well, as I have no desire to join the "real" world just yet I will continue to post details about my other lives for you to enjoy.