Thursday, July 8, 2010

Other - Review

Title: Other
Series: Other #1
Author: Karen Kiney

Synopsis: This YA paranormal novel is set in a world where Others exist and are acknowledged (imagine shopping for groceries alongside a centaur). Gwen is a normal teenager. She has a secret though. She’s only 50% human. Her biological father was a Pooka and she can change into any animal she wants. Fireworks begin to fly when Gwen reveals her secret to her boyfriend Zack, a new werewolf pack moves into the area and someone starts murdering Others. Suddenly Gwen and her friend Tavian (who is also Other) are targeted by the killer.

Review: ***Spoiler Alert*** I absolutely loved this book and was disappointed when I finished it. As I neared the end I kept trying to slow down my reading but because the suspense was building it was impossible. I loved Gwen’s slightly crazy family and her realistic breakup with Zach brought tears to my eyes (although I was happy because I thought Tavian was much better for her). The was a part in the book after Tavian and Gwen’s picnic where they are playing hide and seek in the woods as foxes that I found fascinating. I want to be able to shape shift into a fox and play hide and seek with a cute boy in the woods. This book was the perfect combination of paranormal, suspense, and romance. Karen Kiney’s novel, Other, has earned a place on the shelf of honor with my favorite novels, and I can’t wait for the book in this series.

Publisher: Flux
ISBN: 978-0738719191

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