Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sims 3 - Late Night

In addition to being a bookaholic I am also addicted to PC games. My particular favorite is Sims 3. I love playing God (or Goddess if you will) with an entire town of unsuspecting sims. I grant wishes and I take them away. Last week I gave a sim the life goal of super hero firefighter, and then I forced him to be a stylist. He spent his days giving people make-overs when he really wanted to be rescuing other sims from life-threatening fires. He died old and unhappy. I had fun ruining his life. I recently discovered that this game has a new expansion pack being released this fall. Here's the trailer:

I can't wait. I think the first thing that I want to do is turn a sim into a vampire. Or maybe a celebrity who lives in a penthouse and hits all the hot spots in town after dark. Of course I'll have to skimp on groceries and eat nothing but ramen noodles for a few weeks so I can afford this expansion pack on the day it's released (and then I'll get no homework done for a few days), but it's worth it. Isn't it?


  1. Ok, so anyone with a psychology background is putting together a profile on you right now after reading "I had fun ruining his life."

    We've been playing less involved games--Plants vs. Zombies and hopefully we'll be buying Farm Frenzy 3. You start playing and then go "wait, where have the last 2 hours gone?"

  2. I have Farm Frenzy 3. Haven't seen Plants vs. Zombies but I'll check it out. I can spend a whole day playing Sims 3 and suddenly realize that it's almost midnight and I've done absolutely nothing, but I've gone through a few generations of sims. My ex used to say that this game is perfect for me because I'm so cripplingly shy that I can live life without actually living life...

  3. We bought Farm Frenzy 3. It keeps me from doing what I should be doing... (sarah)