Monday, November 2, 2015

Lamp Black, Wolf Grey: Review

Title:  Lamp Black, Wolf Grey
Author:  Paula Brackston

Synopsis:  "Artist Laura Matthews finds her new home in the Welsh mountains to be a place so charged with tales and legends that she is able to lift the gossamer-fine veil that separates her own world from that of myth fable.
     "She and her husband, Dan, have given up their city life and moved to Blaencwm, an ancient longhouse high in the hills.  Here she hopes that the wild beauty will inspire her to produce her best art and give her the baby they have longed for.  But this high valley is also home to others, such as Rhys -- the charismatic loner who pursues Laura with fervor -- and Anwen, the wise old woman from the neighboring farm who seems to know so much but talks in riddles.  And then there is Merlin."

Review:   This was my first novel by Paula Brackston.  I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I'm a big fan of magical realism in literature though, so I figured I would give it a shot.  I was expecting Lamp Black, Wolf Grey to be  a quirky romantic story set in a modern world where magic just happens to be real.  It's not that.  Lamp Black, Wolf Grey is a strange, emotional, combination of historical and modern novel. 
     It's not a heavy read.  I was able to read the entire thing in just over 3 hours.  I didn't get very emotionally involved in the story or with the characters; but I was entertained.  There are actually two stories being told in Lamp Black, Wolf Grey.  Laura's story is set in the present and Megan's story is set in the past.  I actually didn't like the strange combination.  I would have preferred it if the novel had either all been set in the present or all in the past.  The combination of both caused neither storyline to ever be fully fleshed out and thus I felt that the novel was lacking.  Thus said, if you are looking for a quick read, I say go ahead and read Lamp Black, Wolf Grey; you will be entertained.

Publisher:  Thomas Dunne Books

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  1. I did like the Sugar Queen so maybe I would like this one too. Love the cover, I have not tried her either but may give her a try your review makes it sound good.