Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday = Catch up/ Reading/ "Me" Day

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  I try really hard not to schedule plans on Sundays.  It's my "me day".  I sleep in (which usually means 9am at the latest).  I eat whatever I want all day.  I stay in my pajama's, and I don't leave the apartment.  I spend most of the day reading, writing blog posts and planning out the rest of my week.  Plus there's always a lot of coffee and junk food. 

SuperSteve facilitates my "me day" by running out to the store(s) so I don't have to change out of my pajamas.  Best hubby ever!  (Yes, that's me.  I'm not wearing makeup; I haven't combed my hair in 24 hours; and I'm wearing my pajamas.  And I don't care!)

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