Monday, July 27, 2015

Depth - Review

Title:  Depth
Author:  Lev AC Rosen

Synopsis:  "When the polar ice caps melted, America's East Coast became an underwater graveyard -- except for New York City.  Today, a million people make their home among the skyscrapers poking through the ocean waves.   A million people who like to live by their own rules -- including Simone Pierce, one of the best private investigators in the city.
     "It starts out as a routine surveillance job: cheating husband, attractive blonde.  Something feels off, though, and when the husband turns up floating in the water with a hole in him, the cops like Simone for the murder.  If she can just find the blonde, she'll clear her name, but instead she stumbles onto a strange network of power brokers and art collectors, all looking for a treasure that can't possibly exist.  As she struggles to find the murderer, Simone is only sure of one thing: she can't trust anybody, not even herself, because the city she grew up in might have more secrets than even she knows."

Review:  As frequently happens for me, it was the cover that first caught my attention; then I read the description and decided that I had to read this novel.  I'm so very glad that I did.  I loved Depth.  This novel is the perfect mix of dystopian/ post apocalyptic fiction and mystery/noir.  I liked the characters.  Simone, Caroline and Danny are people I would like to meet and get to know. 
     The world is well developed and fascinating.  Depth takes place after the polar ice caps have melted, in a New York City that is mostly underwater.  People live on boats or in the above water sections of skyscrapers.  A mainland United States and other countries are hinted at and vague information is given; leaving me wondering what the rest of this world is like.  I hope that Rosen writes more novels set in this world, I would like to read more about the people of this NYC and learn more about the rest of Rosen's post-apocalyptic world. 

Publisher:  Reagan Arts

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  1. Great Review, this book looks great - ill check it out!

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