Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gluten Free Review: Glutino's Gluten Free Toaster Pastry

I was so excited when I found these in my grocery store!  Look at the picture above.  Don't they look delicious?  It looks like they will have a ton of filling and taste like apple pie.  The slogan on the box says "Like biting into paradise".  Sure, if your paradise is a desert.  These are disgusting!  Don't waste your money.  Look at this picture:
The actual product is nothing like the picture on the package.  There is hardly any filling, all you can taste is the "pastry" and it is so salty and dry that I couldn't even choke it down.  (There's 340mg of sodium in 1 single pastry by the way!)  DON"T DO IT!  Glutino should be ashamed of themselves.  This is blatant false advertising, the product is absolutely nothing like the picture on the box. Those of us who must avoid gluten are desperate for gluten free products, and Glutino is taking advantage of a captive audience.

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