Monday, May 29, 2017

Fangs & Fennel - Review

Title: Fangs & Fennel
Author: Shannon Mayer
Series:  The Venom Trilogy #2

Synopsis:     “Alena Budrene is not just a gifted Seattle baker – she’s also a supernatural.  Having survived the virus that made her transformation necessary and outwitted an attack by a Greek hero, she’s ready to settle down and deal with the challenges of living as a “Super Duper”.
    “But nothing is easy for a woman who can turn into a giant snake.  Threatened by her unprecedented strength, Alena’s enemies team up against her.  What’s next on the menu?  The duplicitous demigod Theseus – backed by a ruthless vampire gang and the power-hungry goddess Hera – is determined to lure her into a glorious, and rather public, battle to the death.
     “Now humans, even the ones Alena risks her life to protect, are afraid to acknowledge her existence.  And when the friends who once rallied around her begin to fall prey to Theseus’s manipulative schemes, Alena realizes she must act before she loses everything.  But will the price of success be too high to pay?”

Review:  Just like the first in the series, Venom & Vanilla, Fangs & Fennel is a good read, full of playful fun.  See BookGirlR's review of Venom & Vanilla here.  I’ve enjoyed watching Alena grow and develop as a character.  In the first novel we watched Alena develop from a plain wallflower into a bad-ass “Super Duper”; in this second installment in the series we watch Alena struggle with who she used to be versus who she is now.  Throughout the novel she sometimes fights to remember that she is no longer a doormat and is now a powerful woman.  I do have to say though that Yaya is my favorite character. 
     I’ve seen several other reviews that mentioned Yaya should get her own novel, and I agree.  I would snatch up a novel about a feisty Grandmother who argues with Zeus, stands up to “Super Dupers”, and fights with Greek gods.  When can we have that novel?  And if something similar exists someone please let me know!
     If you enjoyed Venom & Vanilla than I highly suggest the next installment, Fangs and Fennel.  I missed the third novel while it was available to reviewers on NetGalley so I’ll be buying Hisses and Honey when my bank account allows. 
***I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, via NetGalley.***

Publisher: 47 North

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