Sunday, July 10, 2016

Please Be Respectful

Many of you have noticed that I've been gone for awhile.  I appreciate the kind emails, fellow book lovers wondering where I've been.  I wasn't okay for a little while.  I had a bad encounter with a fellow book blogger who took offense at the fact that one of my reviews (my opinion of a novel) was different from hers.  She sent me an email so nasty that I seriously considered deleting my blog and quitting doing reviews.  But I have decided not to let her win.  I'm back.  I'm going to finish the S.M. Stirling  Novels of the Change read-a-long, and I will continue to post honest reviews of the books I am reading.

For the record: I don't care if your opinion of a novel if different from mine, and we can even talk about it.  But when you start calling me inappropriate names, and flat out tell me that my opinion is wrong, that is not okay.  I welcome an open conversation about books on this blog, but we need to be respectful of the opinions of others.

**You can expect reviews later this week, and the next installment of the Novels of the Change Readalong on Sunday 7/17 when we will finish reading book 2 of the Nantucket series Against the Tide of Years.**

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