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Scorcher - Review

Title: Scorcher
Author:  Kelly Edwards
Series:  Forces of Nature

Synopsis:   “Supervillains are people too.  They’re not always megalomaniacs with dreams of world domination.  Sometimes they’re just people doing whatever they must to get by.
     “Aidan Grey is a college student with goals for the future, a drive to succeed, and a little time for romance.  She’s also a woman with a secret.  At eleven, she was orphaned due to the accidental use of her pyrokinetic abilities.  She was taken in by the secret criminal organization known as Iris and trained to use her abilities for the organization’s profit.
     “Marty Knox is a police detective who loves his family, tried to genuinely make a difference in the world and falls hard for Aidan.  He shows up just as Aidan is starting to question her loyalties to Iris and she’s surprised to find that she can’t resist him, even if it would be dangerous to get involved with someone on the right side of the law.  What Aidan doesn’t realize is that Marty has a secret of his own, one that would endanger both their lives if discovered by Iris.”

Review:  Let’s start with the bad so we can get to the good.  I read another review that mentioned “superfluous language”, that the first few pages are overly descriptive, and that “Finally, there was no flow to it, no rhythm. I'm not looking for poetry, but some serious editing needs to occur” (see this review here on Amazon).  I’m going to tell you that all of this is true, to an extent.  When I first started reading Scorcher, 2 years ago, I stopped before reaching the end of the first chapter.  Those first few pages are, to be very frank, horrible.  It’s all telling, no showing.  Page after page of stilted exposition that needs an editor in a bad way.  Today I picked up the novel again, determined to get through it and either write my review or contact the author to explain why I had not posted the review.  I ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting and craving more.  Seriously, my butt hurts now. 
     When I began comparing the bad to the good when starting this review I began thinking about some other author’s first novels.  Exposition, telling versus showing, is something that many authors struggle with (myself included).  And the “superfluous language” that the previously mentioned reviewer commented upon is a common byproduct of exposition, trying to get the reader more involved Edwards throws in too many exciting adverbs and adjectives.  Keep reading however, after those first few pages Scorcher gets much, much better.  I love anything superhero or supervillian related!  The telling stops and the showing begins (there are a few lapses here and there, but they are few).  The main characters are developed well, as are many of the secondary characters.  I would like to learn more about many of the agents that work with Scorcher and Chill.  Maybe there could even be more novels about their individual stories?  The relationship between Marty and his “normal” family is heartwarming.  Yes, it could have used a little more editing, but the plot is strong, and the relationship between Aiden and Marty is intense and believable.  It’s like a comic book in novel form, without all the distracting pictures!  At the time of this review the Kindle copy of Scorcher is only $2.99, buy it here, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.
     BAM!  POW!  Scorcher dragged me in kicking and screaming.  When can I get my hands on the sequel?

**I received a free copy of this novel from the author in exchange for my honest review**

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 978-1480214484

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