Sunday, April 27, 2014

Feature & Follow 4.27.14

This weeks Feature & Follow asks the question: Do you have any pets?  Show and/or tell.  

I have 2 cats.  Both of my cats were rescues, kittens that people abandoned on the road that leads to the farm where I grew up.  These people must have been ignorant of the dangers that farm equipment and large farm animals represent to cats that are not familiar with the territory.  But they are both safe now, and forever.  Tempest Wicked Meow-Meow is 5 years old and weighs 9 lbs.  She is the household queen and oversees everything that happens within the apartment.  Heaven help the person that closes the door when using the bathroom; she will whine, scratch and leap at the door until it opens.  Seriously, just let her go in with you.  She is shy with strangers though, so if you come to visit she will probably hide under the covers on the bed until you leave.

Tempest Wicked Meow-Meow
Spooky Boo Meow-Meow is 1 and 1/2 years old and weighs close to 20 lbs.  It's okay though.  He is not obese and his health is fine, he is just a very large cat.  He is the most laid-back and chill cat I have ever met.  He loves to sit in the apartment windows and watch everything that happens outside.  Just lately he has also become very fond of laps.  He loves everybody and has the softest fur you will ever pet.

Spooky Boo Meow-Meow
I also have a Society Finch named Trekkie.  As you can imagine he's kind of hard to get a picture of because finches are very small birds and quicker than you would think.  He makes happy noises all day from his cage atop one of the many bookcases in the living room and loves lettuce.

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  1. Your cats are so cute and I love their names. Following you via GFC! :) Thanks for visiting my F&F.

  2. Rescue is the way to go! All 4 of mine are rescues, of one kind or another. Greta pics, too. Also love your border - I have a similar picture on my latest book of poems. New follower. If you get a chance check out my FF