Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brand New Day

I'm back. After months of being sick I am finally ready to get this blog going again. I apologize to the authors and publishers who had sent me books in the hopes that I would review them here. I will still be reviewing them all, even though it is a little late. I also apologize to my readers. However, the way that I was feeling I was unable to concentrate on anything for very long. Thank you to everyone who contacted me concerned about my health and asking when I was coming back to the BookNook.

The doctors have decided that I have Celiac Disease. (For information about Celieac Disease go here.)  As long as I make sure not to eat anything containing gluten I feel great. So let's have some fun, and read some books!

I am also going to add some new content. Due to my recent experiences with learning how to live gluten free, I am going to be adding reviews of gluten free products and gluten free recipes.

It's a brand new day!

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